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Emergency Preparedness-EP Surge Series

Surge Overflow Bed Pediatric


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MJM Advantages

Healthcare Grade, Reinforced At All Stress Related Areas, Combo Transfer Gurney Bed For Surge Overflow, Bed Consists Of Easy Assembly, Patient Gurney With Color Triage Information System For Medical Personnel, For Emergency Surge Overflow, Mesh Sling For Easy Cleaning Or De-Con, Multiple Position Backrest, Field Of Trama And Emergency Medical Care, Safety Straps, O2 Holder, IV Pole..

An Inexpensive And Effective Way To Provide Bed Capacity For Surge Overflow.
*Patent Pending

• Outside Length: 48”
• Outside Width: 25”
• Working Height: 30”
• Capacity: 168 lbs
• Bariatric Model Upon Request
• Deluxe Casters: 5” x 1.25” Total Lock
• Patient Chart Holder
• Personal Effects Bag I.V. Poles

• Box:
• Weight:
• Carrier: LTL/PLT