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Worldwide Healthcare Professionals Agree We Offer:

An Unconditional Guarantee of Superior Customer Service - Superior Products with More Standard Features - Largest PVC Product Selection - Never Ending Research and Development - New Products Annually - Replacement Parts - for Our and Other PVC Manufactures - Manufactured with the Highest Quality of Healthcare Grade PVC - MJM Operates Under FDA Compliant Regulations - On-Time Shipping

"We Do Care - We Do More"

We have but one person to thank for our...

...knowledge, wisdom, energy, love and compassion that we put into each and everyone of our products, our mother Francis Moroles. In 1967, she was involved in a terrible accident that left her a bilaterial amputee. After seeing her struggle for many years with daily routines, we learned through her trial and tribulations not to take anyone's physical problems lightly.

Little did we know that because of our mother's circumstances we would be able to help those individuals that have encountered similar situations whether at birth or during their lives. We have designed and developed over 100 original ideas that have been inspired by first hand experience or made aware of by others special needs. MJM is here to help those individuals with products, visions and solutions to make their lives more comfortable.

MJM's International Corporation

We have over 35 plus years of experience in design and developing PVC Equipment. The company's owners have dedicated their experience to serving its clients 100% and setting a new standard in quality, service and durability in all its PVC product lines.

MJM Health Care Experience

Production: Over 150+ Years Combined Experience
Design: Over 45+ Years Combined Experience

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