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Bariatric Gurney With Hard Shell Drain Pan

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MJM Advantages

Healthcare Grade, Reinforced At All Stress Related Areas, Shower Gurney With Five Position Elevating Headrest, Closed Cell Foam Pad, Drain Pan And Hose, Dual Drop Side Rails, Bariatric Shower Gurney.
• HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Bed Surface For Added Strength And Durability
• HDPE Surface Is Resistant To Bacteria, Easy To Clean And Sanitize
• Openings In Bed Surface Allows For Greater Drainage Of Water

• Overall Size: 79” L x 34” W x 31.5” H (39.25” With Safety Rails Up)
• Deluxe Casters: Eight 5” x 1.25” (4 Lock/4 Non Lock)
Have a Combined Rolling Weight Capacity Of 2000 lbs
• Weight Capacity: 900 lbs
• Shipped: LTL PLT

• Box:
• Weight:
• Carrier: LTL PLT

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