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300 Series - Linen Carts, Specialty Carts, Isolation Cart Stations

Three Shelf Linen Cart With Two Ventilated Shelves

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MJM Advantages

Healthcare Grade, All Casters Are Reinforced, Ventilated Shelves, Reinforced At All Stress Related Areas, Ergonomic Handles Help Reduce Wrist Injuries, Velcro Closure.

All MJM Ventilated Shelving Carts Comply With Individual State Regulations By Utilizing A Solid Bottom Shelf.

Cart Cover Advantages:
• Breathable Standard Mesh Is Flame Resistant, Mildew Resistance And High Tear And Tensile Strength
• All Solid Vinyl Fabrics Are Antimicrobial, Flame Resistant, High Tear And Tensile Strength And Excellent Cleanability

• Shelf Size: 20” x 25”
• Length With Handles: 33”
• Height With Casters: 51.25”
• Width: 20”
• Height Between Shelves: 12”
• Carrying Capacity Per Shelf: 75 lbs
• Deluxe Casters: 3” Twin
• Shipped: UPS
MJM Mesh Plastic Ventilated Shelving Will Not Rust Or Tear Your Linen. The Mesh Plastic Ventilated Shelving Is Ideal For Transporting Linen.

• Box: 21 x 19 x 30
• Weight: 33 lbs
• Carrier: UPS

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