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WT214-T WoodTone Triple Bag Hamper

WoodTone Triple Bag Hamper


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MJM Advantanges

Healthcare Grade, All Casters Are Reinforced, Zipper Front Opening Will Facilitate And
Eliminate Lifting Heavy Loads, Floor Plate Will Support Retainer Bag, Marine Grade Wire
Frame Will Support Isolation Liners Or Leakproof Bags, High Impact Plastic Lid With Handle.

All MJM's Zipper Front Opening Hampers Help Prevent Back Injuries.






• Over All Size: 55” L x 22.5” W x 38.5” H
• Gallon Capacity: Gallon Capacity: 14.46 - - (3) Gallons 43.38
• Threaded Stem Casters: Rust Proof 3” Twin
• Lid Size: 16” x 17.75"

MJM Hamper Lids COME STANDARD With RUBBER BUMPER PADS To Eliminate Banging Noise When Lid Closes. No More Disturbing Annoying Noise For Patients And Caregivers.




214-LP (Mint) 214-LP (Pink) 214-LP (LT.Blue) 214-LP (White) 214-L (Nylon) U-4TW U-5TW U-3TL U-5TL
214-LP MInt Green 214-LP Pink 214-LP Light Blue 214-LP White 214-L Nylon U-4TW U-5TW U-3TL U-5TL
Shipping Information
• Box: 10 x 19 x 53
• Weight: 37 lbs
• Carrier: UPS




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