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WT214-S-UL WoodTone Single Bag Hamper With Universal Lid

WoodTone Single Bag Hamper With Universal Lid


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Healthcare Grade, Anti-Microbal - Universal  Lid  (Snaps  On), Pivot Opening Allows Loading Without Opening Lid (Reducing Offensive Odors), User-Friendly - Housekeeping Dream Hamper, A Complete Hamper With No Options Needed, Hands Free Usage, Universal Lid Is Fire Retardant Made Of ABS Plastic, Safer, No Need To Press Foot Pedal Which May Cause To Become Unbalance.

All MJM's Zipper Front Opening Hampers Help Prevent Back Injuries.






• Over All Size: 18.25” L x 18.25” W x 40.125” H
• Gallon Capacity: Gallon Capacity: 14.46 (Meets Life Safety Code)
• Threaded Stem Casters: Rust Proof 3” Twin
• Lid Size: 18.25” x 18.25" x 5"




214-LP (Mint) 214-LP (Pink) 214-LP (LT.Blue) 214-LP (White) 214-L (Nylon) U-4TW U-5TW U-3TL U-5TL
214-LP MInt Green 214-LP Pink 214-LP Light Blue 214-LP White 214-L Nylon U-4TW U-5TW U-3TL U-5TL
Shipping Information
• Box: 20 x 19 x 34
• Weight: 23 lbs
• Carrier: UPS




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